October 10: Write 31 Days: Productivity

I have many big thoughts, but more on that tomorrow because today I'm tired. We all went to the RENEW the City Cleveland event with Envision today, and although I don't feel like I really did all that much, I'm zonked.

The kids and I picked up garbage along the side streets right by church. I think they were the most excited about the complimentary goggles and gloves. The kids were troopers, coming up to me, the garbage bag holder and fellow collector, with huge armfuls of garbage at a time. Toby was the Master Collector, and he definitely smelled like he had spent a clumsy morning at the pub instead of next to us on the street. Dirty and gross, but he had a great time! 

Everyone was tired, so we probably missed our golden opportunity for a family photo. One child had just been disciplined, another two were protesting the photo, and the baby was behind us, balling. But I smiled, so there's that. They all broke down into tears and hysterics after the photo.

Chaos=1, Family Photo=0

It does make you wonder sometimes about the people who are always posting perfect and polished photos of life, themselves, and their family. Is it that I'm chronically doing something wrong? Or are they less then honest about reality most of the time?

Because my reality is: 

The counter tops are rarely clean; the laundry is almost never folded and put away. 

The floor is hardly ever spotless and the toys are seldom picked up. 

The sheets aren't changed on a schedule and I'm a chronic piler on any surface.

If I take a picture that looks even remotely "perfect," it's because I've shoved the extra crap lying around just enough to the side as to not pick it up in the viewfinder. 

I do like it when the house is clean, when things are picked up and organized, when life works more like a well-oiled machine because I'm on top of things. But more often then not, I find value and place  my time elsewhere. 

I'll cuddle my kids on the couch instead of loading the dishwasher. 

We'll walk down to the park instead of being diligent on laundry day.

I'll spend time with my husband after the kids go to bed instead of finishing the tasks left undone.

I'll quiet my thoughts at nap time and read or write at the expense of productivity.

I guess maybe it boils down to how you define productive...