October 28: She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain

They were cracking up after school today singing, "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain." 

What was so funny, you ask? 

Because it's not reeeeallly that funny of a song… Good point.

But if you change the lyrics to things like, "She'll be glued to the toilet when she comes! SHE'LL BE GLUED TO THE TOILET WHEN SHE COOOOOMMMES!!" And belt it out in your very best hillbilly voice, it's pretty freakin' hysterical. Especially when you're 7 and have an audience.

I may or not have been laughing, too, and contributing my own delinquent verses, like "she'll be pooping on the potty when she comes…" #motheroftheyear

And "the kids be driven' mommy crazy when they home!!! THE KIDS BE DRIVEN MOMMY CRAZY WHEN THEY HOME!!!!"

#citytalk. It gets the best of all of us from time to time. We be all cray cray up in here. ;)

July 11: There's the Shark!!

For weeks now, the entrance to the highway by our house has been a construction zone. All the land on the side of the road is one big dirt pile, stretching at least a couple miles. And every day we get on the highway, Toby is convinced that he sees a shark somewhere in the dirt by the entrance ramp. 

Every time I forget about it until he yells, "There's the shark!!!"

It's a black shark. When Ruby heard that, she said, "Toby, it can't be a shark. Sharks are only grey, not black. So it's not a shark." 

Nevermind the fact that the "shark" has been sitting in a pile of dirt for the last two weeks instead of SWIMMING in the OCEAN. Oh no. It can't be a shark because it's BLACK. 

Details. Who needs 'em.