Foto Friday: February 6-12

February 6
I have a traumatic dental history, which includes getting my front tooth knocked out and glued back on a couple times before a disaster of a crown experience, and it's still not the same to this day. I wore a retainer and/or braces, complete with colored rubber bands on the brackets and big, ugly jaw-correcting rubber bands, for most of my elementary and middle school careers. I never actually wore the jaw-correcting bands, however, because: A. They were painful, and B. They looked awkward, and I didn't need any more help in that area. And yet, every month when I went back to the dentist, he would say that I was "making great progress."

Sucker. I thought I was so clever.

I still remember the elation I felt when it was finally time to have them removed in eighth grade. My straight{er} teeth felt so clean and smooth I remember thinking they were slimy. The dorky, metal smile was gone, and I didn't even care that half a decade in braces had left my teeth slightly stained. But then I began to have issues with TMJ, a jaw condition, followed by years of cavities between teeth due to a lax flossing routine and a love of Dr. Pepper.

Bad combo.

So this may put things into perspective when I say that we had a wonderful experience at the Hudec Dental in my neighborhood. I scheduled myself and three kids for cleanings, thinking we'd knock it out in an afternoon and be done with it. We were there literally ALL AFTERNOON, and they were beyond friendly and gracious. My children were surprisingly well-behaved and allowed to roam about and visit each other in different rooms.

The assistant took Eva to pick out a prize when she was crying and beside herself as I was getting an x-ray. They all ended up with crayons, coloring books, parachute guys, modeling clay and chalk. Each of them also received goodie bags complete with toothpaste, toothbrushes, and floss. Everyone was incredibly kind, and they even went above and beyond and painted the girl's nails after the cleanings because they had been so brave.

Knelt down and painted their nails. At the dentist.

I don't think I need to say anything more.

February 7

February 8
Some days are just rainbows and sunshine.

February 9

February 10

February 11

February 12
The kids got Valentine treats today at school, and a little boy bought Ruby a candy bar and a flower. She said he got them for her because he likes her, and everyone in class was laughing, although she recounted the story with only a mildly-embarrassed smirk. She promptly told the boy that she did not like him, and she gave his flower away. Poor guy. But she kept the chocolate.