Real Life Still Life, Vol. 5

Come three o'clock this afternoon, I noticed this on the floor in the kitchen. Eva was sitting at the table, and upon picking it up, I asked, "who left this pull-up here on the floor?" 

Pushing the blond hair back from her eyes and looking up at me with a sweet little smile she replied, "me." 

The two phrases I say the most as a mother have to be: 

1.) Keep your hands to yourself.

2.) The floor is not a garbage can.

Sometimes I feel like I have a verbal glitch that gets stuck on problematic behaviors, causing the same phrases to tumble out time and time again. There's probably also a good dash of "I love you" and "tell them sorry" in my repertoire, along with a peppering of "don't fart on your brother," too, just for good measure. 

What do you find yourself repeating ad nauseum?