Montage Monday: April 13-19

On the heels of a busy weekend, Mondays seem to be the day of the week that I set aside to get my life cleaned up and put back together. Laundry, dishes, and photo montages. :) That's about as organized as I get on a good day.

April 13

April 14

April 15
Lest you think I'm johnny-on-the-spot about getting these cute little bird houses painted and hung this fine spring, I just want to point out the fact that the kids got them for Easter. 

Last year.


April 16

April 17
Happy 7th Birthday Ruby! Frozen, rainbows, family and friends. It was a good day. Recipe to follow for the Leaning Tower of Rainbow Cake.

April 18
Ahh... Saturday... where imaginations and relaxation begin.

April 19
Girls day with Ruby at the mall, filled to the brim with giggles, thank you's and BFF paraphernalia. It didn't take long for me to earn the title of Stuff Holder.