Real Life Still Life, Vol. 6

We were both still sitting at the table tonight, picking at the leftover yellow peppers and entertained by the kid's post-mealtime antics, and I casually said to him, 

So... you know that Proverbs 31 woman?

And he quipped, No, I don't know her, without even missing a beat.

I doubled over in laughter, my eyes happening upon the shredded napkins smeared with pasta sauce all over the floor like the remnants of some bloody massacre, and then over at the sink-full of dirty dishes. I know what he means.

Momentarily distracted by the comment and my uncontrollable abdominals, however, I completely forgot to finish my thought, which was that if the Proverbs 31 woman is truly able to laugh at the days to come, then she must've had a glass of wine before dinner.

While making dinner, to be more specific, and with a side of Boys to Men and other random 90's classics to drown out all the chaos underfoot that time of day.

With that glorious combination, I would laugh, too, and probably dance a little. And if you can laugh at today, there's certainly hope for all the tomorrows.